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Links to Windpower Publications, Advocacy Agencies and Design Standards

Windpower Media & Publications
North American Windpower (NAWP)
Windpower Monthly (WPM)
Windpower Engineering and Development (WPEngineering)
Wind Systems Magazine (WindSystems)

National and International Windpower Advocacy Organizations
  - providing the latest information on wind energy installation statistics, industry trends and upcoming trade-shows/events
Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC)
American Wind Energy Association (AWEA)
Wind Europe (WindEurope)
Canadian Wind Energy Association (canwea)
Mexico Wind Energy Association (AMDEE)

Windpower Design Standards and Wind Turbine Certification Agencies
IEC 61400 Wind Turbine Design Standards (IEC61400)
DNV GL Wind Turbine Certification Services (DNVGL)
DEWI OCC Wind Turbine Certification Services (DEWIOCC)
TUV NORD Wind Turbine Certification Services (TUVNORD)